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Split PDF Documents, Merge PDF Documents and extract or delete pages from them.  Free PDF Splitter Merger

How to merge two pdf files

To merge pdf, at first select the "Merge" tab.

Then, add the documents which to merge by pressing the "Add File" button. You can also add the contents of entire directories by pressing the "Add Directory" button.

Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop pdf document files from windows explorer to the list and they will be added automatically.

After having specified the documents which to merge, you can specify which page ranges of the document you want to be added, by selecting the document in the list and then by pressing the "Document Settings" button.

You can specify to import and merge only page ranges of the document, or the option to merge only even or odd pages of a specific page range.

Also, it can be specified only to merge pages containing a specific text in them and it can also be specified to merge only every n-th page.

Moreover, you can combine two pdfs with the pages of the document in reverse order.

Afterwards,press the "Merge" button.

Then, the options screen will show up.

You can also specify to add bookmarks in the merged Pdf document file, that point to the beginning of each document that was merged.

You can either use as a bookmark description the filenames, or the file paths, or the documents or use descriptions from an external list file (that contains one description per each line).

Document properties such as title, author, subject and keywords can be set.

Also, the documents can be encrypted with an owner and user password.

A custom document header and footer can be set and positioned, or a custom header or footer image can be specified.

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