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How to

Web Design Software

How to batch W3C validate HTML, XHTML and HTML5 multiple URLs or files. How to fix errors and improve your SEO.

How to generate CSS Image Sprites for Onpage-SEO and faster webpage loading times.

How to create interactive imagemaps for html pages.

Graphics Software

How to batch resize images

How to create standalone EXE slideshow from photos. How to create standalone executable slideshow with music.

How to compare photos side by side.

How to create video from photos. How to create slideshow with music.

How to create and test correct color schemes.

How to to pick Color from Screen.

How to remove metadata from photo with a right click in Windows Explorer

Desktop Software

How to protect your privacy and hide specified applications with a single keystroke.

How to minimize to the Windows Tray any application.

How to start and keep maximized automatically specified applications or windows for your convenience

How to magnify screen. How to zoom Windows. How to zoom computer screen. How to zoom screen windows.

How to create video wallpaper for your desktop.

How to set random wallpaper from specified list of images or folders and change it after a time interval.

Other Software

How to organize your documents, todo lists, calendars in a tree structure.

How to password protect documents and convert them to a standalone editable executable file.

How to quickly calculate a math operations with a hotkey press.

How to quickly evaluate a VBScript expression with a hotkey press.