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Free PDF Protector 4dots - Protect PDF documents with password.  Free PDF Protector 4dots- Command Line Usage

Command Line Usage

It is also possible to execute the application from the command prompt.

The usage of the application is the following :

Protect PDF Documents with a Password.

PdfEncrypter.exe [[file|directory]][/newuserpassword:NEW_USER_PASSWORD_VALUE] [/
newownerpassword:NEW_OWNER_PASSWORD_VALUE] [/enc128] [/enc40] [/DISALLOW_COPYING
TATIONS][/userpassword:USER_PASSWORD_VALUE] [/author:METADATA_VALUE] [/creator:M
ETADATA_VALUE] [/keywords:METADATA_VALUE] [/creationDate:METADATA_VALUE] [/title
:METADATA_VALUE] [/subject:METADATA_VALUE] [/modificationDate:METADATA_VALUE] [/
subdirs] [/overwrite][/backup][outfilename:OUTPUT_FILE_VALUE] [/l:IMPORT_LIST_FI

file : one or more pdf or image files to be processed.
directory : one or more directories containing pdf or images files to be process
newuserpassword: New user password of the document (password for opening the doc
newownerpassword: New owner password of the document (password for restrictions)
enc128 : Encryption strength 128bits (Default).
enc40 : Encryption strength 40bits.
DISALLOW_COPYING : Disallow Content Copying.
DISALLOW_MODIFYING : Disallow Modifying Contents.
DISALLOW_FORM_FILL : Disallow Form-Field Fill-in or Signing.
DISALLOW_SCREEN_READERS : Disallow Screen Readers.
DISALLOW_HIRES_PRINTING : Disallow High Resolution Printing.
DISALLOW_LOWRES_PRINTING : Disallow Low Resolution Printing Only.
DISALLOW_DOC_ASSEMBLY : Disallow Document Assembly or Changing.
DISALLOW_ANOTATIONS : Disallow Annotations.
userpassword: Existing user password of document.
author: Author metadata.
creator: Creator metadata.
 keywords: Keywords metadata.
creationDate: Creation Date Metadata. Format : dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss .
title: Title metadata.
 subject: Subject metadata.
modificationDate : Modification Date Metadata. Format : dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss .
subdirs : process also subdirectories of specified directories
overwrite : overwrite existing PDF document
backup : keep backup in case of overwrite
outfilename : Output filename. If not specified the file will have the same file
name but will end with "_protected".
Enter [FILENAME] for document's filename without extension and [EXT] for documen
t's extension.
l : Import list of files to be processed from a text file. One file or folder on
 each line. In case the document has a password it's line should be comma separa
log : Logfile where output messages should be logged.
outfolder: Output folder value (if different than the folder of the first fil
? : show help


For example to protect PDF File "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf" with user password (for opening) "TEST1234" we execute something like :

PDFEncrypter.exe "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf" /newuserpassword:"TEST1234"

To protect "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf" with userpassword "TEST1234" and owner password (for restrictions) "PASSWORD" and disallow content copying we execute :

PDFEncrypter.exe "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf" /newuserpassword:"TEST1234" /newownerpassword:"PASSWORD" /DISALLOW_COPYING

To protect PDF documents found in the list "c:\invoices\InvoiceList.txt" with a userpassword "TEST1234" and log to "c:\invoices\log.txt" we execute :

PDFEncrypter.exe /l:"c:\invoices\InvoiceList.txt" /log:"c:\invoices\log.txt" /newuserpassword:"TEST1234"

To protect PDF File "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf" that has already a user password (for opening) "A12123" we execute and set a new userpassword "TEST1234" :

PDFEncrypter.exe "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf" /userpassword:"A12123" /newuserpassword:"TEST1234"

To protect PDF File "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf" and overwrite it and keep backup of the existing file,we execute :

PDFEncrypter.exe "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf" /overwrite /backup /newuserpassword:"TEST1234"

To protect all PDF Files found in folder "c:\invoices" with userpassword "TEST1234" and set their Author metadata property to "John Doe" ,we execute :

PDFEncrypter.exe "c:\invoices" /newuserpassword:"TEST1234" /author:"John Doe" /outfolder:"c:\documents\protected"

Free PDF Protector - Command Line Usage