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How to batch edit pdf metadata with Free PDf Metadata Editor

How to select PDF documents to be changed

At first, you have to specify which PDF Documents you would like to update pdf metadata.

This can be done easily in many ways. Press the "Add File" button to add select one or more PDF Documents, or press the "Add Folder" button to select an entire Folder and add all the PDF Documents that are in this folder.

Free PDF Metadata Editor 4dots Main Screen

Alternatively, you can simply right click on the PDF Documents in Windows Explorer and select "Change PDF Properties" from the context menu. In order to do this, you should have checked the option "Integrate with Windows Explorer" during the installation.

Select PDF Files from Windows Explorer

Another easy way to add PDF Documents is to drag and drop them on the application window.

Drag and drop PDF documents to set their metadata.

How to set the desired values of the PDF metadata

After having selected for which PDF Documents you want to update pdf metadata, you have to enter the metadata values.

Check which metadata values you want to be changed and then enter the value in the textbox that is on the right.

To set custom PDF properties/metadata simply enter the property names and property values in the "Custom Metadata" grid.

How to insert special items as metadata

You can also set special items such as filename, directory path, last write time, current date and time e.t.c. as custom pdf properties, automatically.

Simply press the "Insert Special" button that is on the right of the grid and then select a special item in the screen that will appear.

Insert special items as PDF metadata.

How to find and replace metadata values

In order to find and replace metadata values, check the metadata field you want to replace and press the "Insert Special" button.

Afterwards, in the new screen that will appear check the option "Find / Replace" and enter the text to find and the text that will replace it.

If you want to use regular expressions for the text to find, check the option "Regular Expressions".

If you want to use wildcards for the text to find, check the option "Wildcards".

Moreover, you can also insert in the text to replace, a regular expression match group value.

In order to do that, simply enter the group name in the field "Replace Regular Expression Group Name" and press the insert button.

How to do metadata cleanup

In order to do metadata clean up, check the option on the lower side of the screen "Clear all metadata".

Afterwards, press the "Set Metadata" button and the metadata will be cleaned up from the selected PDF documents.

How to change Password protected PDF Documents

To set the metadata of password protected PDF documents enter the "User Password" (the one that is used for opening them) in the grid or when you will be prompted for the password.

How to update pdf metadata

When you have specified which PDF documents to change and the values of their metadata, press the "Set Metadata" button.

In the end, Windows Explorer will open automatically with the protected documents having being selected.

How to set the Output Folder

It is also possible to specify the output folder of the modified PDF Documents. If it is selected to be the same as the documents folder then the modified document will have the same filename as the original document but will end with "_with_metadata.pdf". If another folder is specified then the modified pdf document will have the same filename as the original one.

You can also choose to overwrite the original documents (and keep a backup of the changed files) or to create the modified PDF documents in a subfolder of their original folder.

For example, you can specify to create them in a subfolder "with metadata". Free PDF Metadata Editor 4dots remembers your last five output folder options.

How to Open or Explore selected PDF Documents

You can open or explore a selected PDF document, simply by right clicking it on the grid and selecting "Open", or "Explore", from the context menu, accordingly.

How to remove metadata from pdf

To remove metadata from pdf simply check them and enter an empty value.

Command Line Usage

Free PDF Metadata Editor can also be executed from the command line.

Therefore, it can be included in scripts and batch files.

Edits PDF Metadata.

PDFMetadataEditor.exe [PDF_FILE|PDF_FOLDER] [-subfolders] [-title [TITLE_VALUE]] [-author [AUTHOR_VALUE]] [-subject [SUBJECT_VALUE]] [-keywords [KEYWORDS_VALUE]] [-creator [CREATOR_VALUE]] [-creationdate [CREATIONDATE_VALUE]] [-moddate [MODIFICATIONDATE_VALUE]] [-clearall] [-customname [CUSTOM_METADATA_NAME]] [-customvalue [CUSTOM_METADATA_VALUE]] [-overwrite][-outfolder [OUTFOLDER_VALUE]][/?]

PDF_FILE : one or more pdf files to be processed.
PDF_FOLDER : one or more directories containing pdf files to be processed.
subfolders : process also subfolders of input folders.
title : Specify title metadata.
TITLE_VALUE : title metadata value
subject : Specify subject metadata.
SUBJECT_VALUE : subject metadata value
keywords : Specify keywords metadata.
KEYWORDS_VALUE : keywords metadata value
creator : Specify creator metadata.
CREATOR_VALUE : creator metadata value
creationdate : Specify creation date metadata.
CREATIONDATE_VALUE : creation date metadata value. Format MM/dd/yyyy
moddate : Specify modification date metadata.
MODIFICATIONDATE_VALUE : modification date metadata value. Format MM/dd/yyyy
clearall : clear all metadata.
customname : Custom metadata name.
CUSTOM_METDATA_NAME : Custom metadata name.
customvalue : Custom metadata value.
CUSTOM_METDATA_VALUE : Custom metadata value.
overwrite : Overwrite PDF files.
outfolder : Output folder.
OUTFOLDER_VALUE : Output folder value.
/? : show help


Pdfmetadataeditor "C:\documents\document.pdf" /creationdate "01/15/2024 10:15:30"
PDFMetadataEditor.exe "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf" -overwrite -title "My Title" -subject "My Subject" -customname "Invoice ID" -customvalue "001"

PDFMetadataEditor.exe "c:\invoices" -overwrite -keywords "invoices" -customname "Invoice Month" -customvalue "January"

PDFMEtadataEditor "c:\invoices" -overwrite -clearall