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How to Use Batch HTML Validator

Batch HTML Validator - Main Screen

To start using Batch HTML Validator :

1. Enter the URLs or files to check and validate in the main textbox (1).

Alternatively, you can import a list of URLs of files to validate from a Text file, Excel file, CSV file or XML sitemap file by using the "Import" menu.

2. Press the "Validate HTML" button (2).

3. Wait for the process to finish and then the validation result screen will appear.

How to examine the Validation Result

Batch HTML Validator - Validation Result Screen

After the validation has finished, you can view the errors and warnings for each webpage separately, view validation statistics and view the errors and warnings highlighted in an editor.

The "Errors and Warnings" tab (1) contains a webpage that did have errors and warnings, "Only Warnings" contains web pages that had only warnings, "Successful" contains webpage that is valid and "Download Errors" tab contains webpage where an error occurred during their download process.

By clicking on a tree node the errors or warnings for this specific webpage are being shown.

By double-clicking on an error or warning it is being opened in the editor.

You can view validation statistics on the lower side of the validation result screen.

How to save the Validation Result Report

To save the validation result report press on the "Save Report" button (2) that is on the upper side of the validation result screen.

How to view the Errors and Warnings highlighted in the Editor

Batch HTML Validator - Main Screen

To view the errors and warnings of a specific webpage highlighted in the editor, click on its tree node and then double-click on an error.

The editor will open, and you can view the list of errors and warnings (1).

By clicking on an item of the list (1), the editor will scroll to this error.

The error and warning HTML codes will get highlighted.
The errors will get highlighted with a yellow background color and the warnings with an orange background color.

How to Register and Buy the application

Batch HTML Validator - Register - Buy

You can buy our application by visiting the product page on our site and then press the "Buy" button.

Alternatively, just start the application and press on the Buy button and you will redirected to our store webpage. (2)

After buying the application a registration code will be sent to you via email within minutes.

To register the application and unlock all its functionality and remove the nag screen just press on the "Register" button (1).

Batch HTML Validator - Register - Buy

Then in the registration screen enter the registration code in the textbox and press on the "Register" button (1).

Batch HTML Validator - Multilingual interface

How to change user interface language

When the application starts for the first time, it asks you for your desired user interface language.

You can also change the user interface language from the "Language" menu.

Required software

For this application to work, you need the .NET 2.0 runtime environment and the Java runtime environment.

You can download the Java runtime environment from here :