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How to remove watermark from video with Video Watermark Remover

Video Watermark Remover - how to remove watermark from video

To remove watermark from the video, press the "Open" (1) button of the toolbar and select the desired video with the logo. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the video on the application, and it will open.

Afterward, you have to select the start and end time position (4),(5) where the watermark is appearing in the video. You can do this by scrolling trackbar or by entering the time in the text box.

Now you have to move the red rectangle shape (3) in the area where the watermark is and resize the red shape so that it covers the whole watermark. Alternatively, you can enter the X, Y coordinates and the width and height of the watermark in the text boxes (6),(7)

Video Watermark Remover - Output Format

Lastly, press the "Remove Watermark" button (2). In the next screen select the desired output format category (1) and the desired output profile (2). You can also add, delete and edit FFMPEG output profiles by pressing the buttons "New Profile" (4), "Edit Profile" (3) and "Delete Profile" (5). Now you can specify the desired video and audio encoding options (6) or leave them blank to use the default ones. Afterward, press the "OK" button (7), and the watermark will get removed from the video immediately.

How to remove multiple Watermarks

You can remove multiple watermarks that are on different time positions, at once !

In order to remove multiple watermarks, press on the "Add Clip" button.

Then set the X, Y, Width, Height, Start time and End time properties of the watermark as you usually.

To edit another clip just select it in the "Clips" combobox.

To remove current clip press on the "Remove" button.

How to set Options of the application

To set various options for the application, you can use the "Options" menu.

To specify what Video Watermark Remover will do when it finishes the video mark removal process, select an option from the "When Done" menu. The application can shutdown, sleep, hibernate, logoff, explore the file e.t.c. when the join process has finished successfully.

To specify the format of the filename that Video Watermark Remover will generate automatically for the output video select "Options" from the "Options" menu.

By default, the filename without the extension will have the format [FILENAME]_removed_logo. [FILENAME] represents the filename without the extension of the first video.

On this screen, you can also specify what will happen in case a file with the same filename already exists. Video Watermark Remover can either overwrite it, skip it, rename it, add a prefix or add a suffix to it e.t.c.

How to easily test and access the generated Video

After the watermark removal process has finished, you can test the generated video by selecting from the "Tools" menu, "Open Last Output File" which will open the video with your default video player, "Explore Last Output File" which will open and select the video file in Windows Explorer. You can also select "Copy Full File path of Last Output File" which will copy to the clipboard the full file path of the generated video. Lastly, you can select "Video Info of the Last Output File" to show info about the generated video file.

How to Register and Buy the application

You can buy our application by visiting the product page on our site and then press the "Buy" button.

Alternatively, start the application and press on the Buy button, and you will go to our store webpage.

After buying the application, a registration code will be sent to you via email within minutes.

To register the application and unlock all its functionality and remove the nag screen press on the "Register" button

Then in the registration screen enter the registration code in the text box and press on the "Register" button.

How to change user interface language

When the application is first started it asks you for your desired user interface language. You can also change the user interface language from the "Language" menu.