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How to Password Protect documents. How to use easy file locker for documents

Standalone EXE Document Locker - Main Screen

How to specify the documents that you want to lock

To specify the document that you want to lock :

Press on the "Add File(s)" button of the main screen and then select the document files you want to add. You can also press on the "Add Folder" button to add the entire contents of specific folders.

You can also drag-and-drop document files or folders with document files to add them.

To remove a document file from the list, select it on the grid and then press the "Remove" button. To clear all document files from the list press the "Clear" button.

Standalone EXE Document Locker - Edit Document

How to import list of Document files

To import list of document files press on the "Import List" button of the toolbar.

One document file path should be on each line of the list file.

How to specify options

On the main screen of the application, you can specify the password for the documents. Standard EXE Document Locker also shows you the strength of the password with a color. The color should be green.

The password should include alphanumeric characters, non-alphanumeric characters, upper and lower case letters and it should have a length of at least eight characters

Another protection mechanism is that you can specify that when run, the document screen has to be clicked a specific number of times and at a specific point of the screen (top left, top right, bottom left e.t.c.) to show the password entry box.

To enable this protection mechanism check on the "Click" checkbox and enter the number of click times. Also, select in the selection box the point of the screen that should be clicked.

To securely delete original document after it has been converted to a locked standalone executable file, check the "Delete Original File" document.

Moreover, you can also specify the output folder where the generated locked document executable file will be placed.

Final step to lock and convert document to standalone exe

Finally, press on the "Protect" button and wait for the application to do its job.

In the end, the output folder will open in Windows Explorer.

Command Line Usage

Standalone EXE Document Locker can also be executed from the command line.

Therefore, it can be included in scripts and batch files.

Protects documents and converts it to a standalone executable file.
StandaloneEXEDocumentLocker.exe [[file|directory]]
cmd : use the command line
file : one or more powerpoint files to be processed.
directory : one or more directories containing powerpoint files to be processed.
password : the password that will be used to protect the files.
click : number of times that is necessary to click with the mouse on the document, in order to show the login screen
clickon: index of where to click on the document in order to show the login screen]
1:Top Left Corner
2:Top Right Corner
3:Bottom Left Corner
4:Bottom Right Corner
5:Middle Center
delete : securely delete original document afterwards
overwrite : overwrite exe if it already exists
outputfolder: Output folder value (if different than the folder of the first file)
/? : show help
Example :
StandaloneEXEDocumentLocker.exe "c:\documents\invoice.doc" /password:"01!asAfdg!4301" /clicknumber:3 /clickon:1 /delete /overwrite

How to watch folders for documents and lock them automatically

To watch folders for documents and lock them automatically select "Folder Watch Settings" from the Options menu.

Then add in the new screen the folders that you want to watch by pressing the "Add" button and selecting them.

Afterward, specify whether to run the folder watch program automatically on Windows Startup and if it will be run only for the current user or the local machine.

Finally, press the "OK" button.

Now, when a document is created in the folder, it is automatically being locked.

How to change user interface language

When the application is first started it asks you for your desired user interface language.

You can also change the user interface language from the "Language" menu.

How to Register and Buy the application

Video Joiner Expert - Register - Buy You can buy our application by visiting the product page on our site and then press the "Buy" button.
Alternatively, start the application and press on the Buy button, and you will be redirected to our store webpage. (2)
After buying the application, a registration code will be sent to you via email within minutes.
To register the application and unlock all its functionality and remove the nag screen press on the "Register" button (1).
Video Joiner Expert - Register - Buy
Then in the registration screen enter the registration code in the textbox and press on the "Register" button (1).