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How to quickly select VBScript expression and evaluate them with a hotkey press

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How to use the applcation

You can type VBScript expression anywhere e.g. notepad , then select them and then press the hotkey to evaluate the result. The default hotkey is Control + C, Control + E.

How to change the hotkey

The first time the application is being run the settings window is being shown. There you can enter in the textbox the second key for the hotkey i.e. by default it is the key E. By default the first key combination is Control - C and this cannot change.

For example, if you enter F in the textbox the hotkey will become Control + C, Control + F.

How to run the application at Windows startup hidden

To run the application at Windows startup hidden just check or leavve checked the option "Run at Windows Startup" in the "Options" menu.

How to copy the result to the clipboard but do not paste it

To copy the result of the math calculation but not paste it, check the "Copy Result to Clipboard" option.

How to minimize the application to the Windows System Tray

To minimize the application to the windows system tray leave checked the option "Minimize to System Tray".

How to open the settings window

To open the setings window right click on the Window System Tray icon and select "Open" from the menu.