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How to control the brightness with your mouse wheel

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How to specify the options

At first, run the application and then choose among the options according to which the mouse wheel will control the brightness.

Then it is necessary to press on the "OK" button in order the options to take effect.

Next times, the application will run minimize to the Window System tray and you can open the options window with a right click on the Brightness Wheel icon and selecting open the menu or with a double click on the Brightness Wheel icon in the system tray.

Control the Brightness with the Mouse Wheel when :

  • Control + Shift Key is pressed
  • Control + Alt Key is pressed
  • Shift + Alt Key is pressed
  • Control Key is pressed
  • Shift Key is pressed
  • Alt Key is pressed
  • Custom Key Combination is pressed
  • Mouse is at the Edges of Screen
  • Mouse is at the Top, Bottom Edges of Screen
  • Mouse is at the Left, Right Edges of Screen
  • Mouse is at the Corners of Screen
  • Mouse is above Taskbar
  • Mouse is over the Title Bar

Brightness Bar Options

You can also show a brightness bar when you control the brightness

To specify its options and colors select "Options" from the "Options" menu.

Uncheck "Show Brightness Bar" if you do not want to show it and press the "OK" button.